Owner Information

As in any of the world’s most prestigious travel destinations, fantaSea Resorts provides the vacationer with so much more than a suite in which to live. It also offers varied opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

With resort locations in one of America’s most unique cities, you can enjoy the beach, boardwalk and casino excitement day and night. Nowhere else in America can you find all this in one convenient spot.

A note regarding remote Board Of Directors meetings

In an effort to accommodate the general ownership and members of their respective Owner’s Association(s), the following call-in number is always available for ALL meetings of the Board of Directors:

Code: 3742506

This call-in number is applicable for any scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors for the respective associations excluding the “Annual” meeting which there is 1 per year.

As Owners, members reserve the right to call into any scheduled meeting to listen to on-going business and updates. Owners may address the Board or Management at any session once that section on the agenda is reached. Roll-Call will be taken at all meetings. Any financial documents discussed or gone over in these meetings may be asked for by request by emailing [email protected].

Flagship Association Information

FantaSea Resorts – Flagship | 60 North Maine Avenue | Atlantic City, NJ 08401

TEL. (609) 343-7447

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For complete details about how Covid-19 may affect your stay, our resort safety measures, impacted amenities and information regarding Federal or State mandates, such as the New Jersey State Travel Advisory, please click the link below. Please note these protocols also include mandatory guest responsibilities for the safety of other guests & our employees.