Owner ID Setup

How to setup your owner ID

How To Setup Your Owner ID

For your initial log-in to the fantaSea Resorts Owner Portal, please go to www.fantasearesorts.com and click on “Owner Booking” (top right) or click the link in your email.

Enter your Owner ID (located at the bottom of your email) and temporary password which is your Owner ID + the LAST 3 Characters of your last name, example “87145JON”.

Once you have successfully logged-in, you will be prompted to change your password to the permanent password of your choice.

General Information

Your Owner ID isn’t only for online booking; it is also your NEW fantaSea Resorts identifier to use when contacting us to make Owner Rate reservations, book your week, or should you have any questions regarding your fantaSea Resorts Ownership. Your existing Equiant Mortgage and Maintenance Fee account numbers will remain the same.

Currently, the unit types which will show availability, if there is availability, for Owner Rate reservations are limited the to Studio Basic and the One Bedroom units. Should there be no availability for the date(s) you select, a message will display which reads “one or more of the staying days are already reserved”. This is the default verbiage from the booking engine. We are trying to have that changed. If you get that message, either try different dates or check back later.

Please know that we continue work with the developer on a number of features which will offer more choices and flexibility in planning your time with fantaSea Resorts.

Exchange Company Information

While fantaSea Resorts’ Customer Care has temporarily suspended inbound call center operations, we are able to offer modified service via email assistance with an anticipated 24 to 48 hour turn-around. Services at this time are limited to a) cancellation of a pending reservation(s) at your home resort; and b) processing deposits with Interval International and/or RCI for your 2020 Week or Points. If you have pre-paid or have completed a payment arrangement for your maintenance fee for 2021 or 2022, we are able to make your future deposit with your exchange company. To process or obtain information on a future Maintenance Fees or Mortgage Payment, request a deposit, and/or cancel an existing reservation only, email us at [email protected]. Please ensure that your exchange membership with RCI or Interval International is current to avoid any delays in processing. Deposits will only be processed for Owners in good-standing who are current on their maintenance fee and mortgage, if applicable. For bookings made with a travel agent, online booking platform or exchange company, guests are advised to contact the original agent, booking platform or exchange company directly.

Enhanced Safety Measures

To view our updated & enhanced safety measures in response to Covid-19, please click the button below.

Reservation Policy

To view our updated reservation policy, please click the button below.


For complete details about how Covid-19 may affect your stay, our resort safety measures, impacted amenities and information regarding Federal or State mandates, such as the New Jersey State Travel Advisory, please click the link below. Please note these protocols also include mandatory guest responsibilities for the safety of other guests & our employees.