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Owner Perks is a program designed exclusively for fantaSea Resorts Owners. The Perks Program features partnerships with local businesses from retail & dining, to arts & entertainment. These establishments provide an exclusive opportunity for fantaSea Owners to enjoy new offerings locally. Our Owners come from far & near, making this a great opportunity to gain exposure to new potential customers and clients that may not have previously known about your establishment.


What makes the program unique?

We maintain a subscriber database of 40,000+ owners! That means you will gain exposure to a large audience looking for activities and entertainment in our local area while visiting on vacation.

How does this benefit a contributor?

Our Owners visit Atlantic City annually; building a repeat customer is a high probability. With your participation and partnership, convert or gain a new customer or client.


What type of perks work?

The level of perk that you decide to offer is up to you and based on your type of business. We simply ask that the minimum criteria of (1) year be met as a means to maintain a reasonable level of value. As you will see in the example below, prior contributors provided appropriately valued offers that had a meaningful approach to their type of business and/or service.

How does distribution & redemption work?

In part with our current Go Green initiative, we are going to present our Perks Program to our clientele by way of online acquisition. This means we anticipate that each Perk Program contributor will be agreeable to us maintaining a trackable inventory via our website. This will allow us to maintain any quantity requirements that you deem necessary. In addition, we can keep a count on each collection and redemption of any offer.

Perks Program

for Owners

Here is the sample of our Perks Program. In addition, the following are a few of the common considerations for redeemable offerings.


In some cases, contributors provide discounts. This can be a percentage or actual dollar amount. With this approach, we can provide a uniquely numbered voucher to our clientele. They would be able to print this voucher and bring it into your business for redemption. We are also considering digital coupons for redemption but this approach would be dependent on the type of business, and so long as the method was agreeable. As mentioned above, with our efforts to Go Green, a digital coupon is preferable, but not required. If this is an approach your business would like to take, we will be happy to discuss it further.


Nothing is less complicated than FREE. With this approach to contributing, you would be offering a perk that is completely free of charge. For example, free parking, free appetizer, free admission, etc. This type of complimentary is entirely up to you so long as it meets the minimum criteria.


The Buy-One, Get-One approach is a nice way to create an enticing attraction where there may be some hesitation or uncertainty. Particularly with culinary destinations, this makes it more attractive by getting someone in the door to dine or drink with an opportunity to get a little something extra when they visit.

Guidelines and Minimum Requirements

  • A redeemable offer
  • Discount, Complimentary or BOGO
  • Applicable to both adults & children (if possible)
  • Exclusive & Unique for THIS program
  • Instructions for redemption
  • Details for any limits or restrictions
  • Any variations of location specifics
  • Provide us with your logo
  • Include the business address
  • Proper contact information
  • Any dress/attire required
  • Any website or links
  • Any special codes to redeem
  • Is ID or identification required

Submit your Perks Program Offer.

Now that you are familiar with our Owners Perks Program, we invite you to contact us. Please share your considerations for your contribution, submit questions, and request any follow up information. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have questions or would like additional information,
please email or call Chelsea McCline.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (609) 347-3524 ext: 8128

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