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As you know, we are operating with some restrictions on access to certain areas throughout our resorts due to the mandates related to Covid-19. In an effort to accommodate all Owners and guests, we have developed a simple reservation system for the available amenities and accessible time slots. This will allow us to better comply with mandates and avoid exceeding the number of people in a close proximity environment at one time in any given space.

We invite you to book a reservation so that you can guarantee access for you and your family to the experiences you love. Please select your amenity experience, reserve your date / time and submit your reservation. We do ask that you provide the # of people in your party so we can accurately manage the volume of guests in any one space to ensure everyone’s safety. After all, the best part about being home at fantaSea Resorts is enjoying everything that is available and sharing it with your family.

Please note, space is limited and our system does prohibit anyone from excessive reservation booking.

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Safety First. Safety Always.

We are constantly revising our safety guidelines to accommodate the unexpected changes that present themselves on a regular and routine basis. The safety of you and your family during your time with us is our first priority. If you have any questions at any time during your stay, please see a member of your team.